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Total Curve Review

Total Curve – A natural breast enlargement cream

Total Curve is a natural and safe way to improve your breasts’ appearance and size. Forget expensive breast surgery and ineffective folklore methods for breast augmentation. Total Curve is a scientifically developed breast enlargement cream for increasing your breasts’ size and a get fuller, perkier decollete just by taking the Total Curve pill once a day and applying the breast gel directly onto your breasts daily.

The above claim is not made out of thin air. We’ve exhaustively researched Total Curve to find whether is a worthwhile, safe investment for you. Read below to find out our conclusion and recommendations!Total Curve Reviews

What is Total Curve?

Total Curve is a two-step formula that includes a breast enhancement pill and a Lifting and Firming Gel.

Total Curve is developed by a reliable US-base company, Leading Edge, and offers women across the world the chance to get fuller, lifted breasts without having to undergo costly, risky breast surgery.


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Total Curve Supplement

The Total Curve pill is a powerful cocktail of phytoestrogens, ingredients that resemble in function the female hormones, estrogens.

Estorgen levels in your body are what define your sex’s characteristics among them, your breast size too. By taking the pills you help balance and boost your female hormones levels naturally and set off natural breast growth. Total Curve contains phytoestrogens like,

Buckwheat Leavestotalcurve breast enhancement

Fennel Seed

Donq Quai Root

Damiana Leaf

Blessed Thistle



Black Cohosh Root

Wild Yam Root

These herbs are rich sources of phytoestrogens that help balance your hormones, relief PMS and menopause associated symptoms and promote female health more generally. More importantly, their combined action helps your body begin to grow new breast tissue, resulting in bigger, fuller breasts.


This is a natural and safe process and it’s very similar to the breast growth you witnessed when you first started to grow breasts during puberty and similar to the breast growth you experience a few days prior to your period.


Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel

guaranteed resultWhile the Total Curve Pills helps your breasts grow in size and become fuller, the Total Curve Gel ensures the result is lifted and firm so that your breasts are in the greatest shape they’ve ever been.

The key ingredient in the Total Curve Gel is Volufiline, a compound that has been scientifically designed to increase cell growth in adipose tissue helping thus your breasts to grow.

Thanks to sarsasapogenin, when applied to your breasts daily,the gel stimulates fat tissue growth which results in you getting fuller, firmer breasts naturally.

This study confirmed the effectiveness of the Total Curves Gel to increase the volume of adipose breast tissue by 8.4%.




8 Reasons that prove Total Curve is effective

  1. Purchases are backed by a money-back guarantee.
  2. The Total Curve Gel is scientifically proven to increase breast volume by 8.4%.
  3. Developed by trusted pharmaceuticals  company, Leading Edge which is based in the US.
  4. No reported side effects. Praising reviews for both the gel and supplement.
  5. Fast-acting formula. A human study showed that women had significant results by day 28 and the results were noticeably improved by day 56!
  6. Bulk purchases are on discount to help women get their dream décolleté without breaking the bank.
  7. Safe, discreet and affordable solution you can do at the privacy of your home.
  8. Apart from natural breast growth, Total Curve promotes overall feminine health and libido and it helps in the relief of PMS and menopause symptoms.




These is what we’ve concluded based on our exhaustive research on Total Curve, but what real women that tried Total Curve have to say?


Customer Testimonials

An Amazon customer that tried Total Curves said,

“It was delivered very speedily and helps with hormones and sleep, a good product! depends on how your body works, you might need extra natural progesterone with this.” Amazon user, Pearlie.

Apart from numerous third-party reviews by women that tried and successfully increased their breasts’ size and fullness, the official Total Curve website features a series of success stories of happy, confident women who trusted Total Curve and won the self-confidence game.

Indicatively, a customer named  Dez L. says,

“I’ve been taking your breast enhancement product for the past few weeks. My breasts are noticeable tighter looking and feeling. With more sensitive nipples and perkier breasts they haven’t been the only thing perking up around the house!”


total curve testimonials


3 Drawbacks you must be aware of when using a breast enhancement cream

  1. Unlike surgery, breast enhancement creams and gels don’t drastically change the look of your breasts. Rather the increase in size and the improvement in appearance is gradual and subtle.
  1. Some women don’t respond well to certain breast enlargement creams. They are either allergic to them or the gels irritate their skin because they interact with other drugs they might take. (Cafeine affects its efficiency too.)
  1. Results are slower than a breast implant surgery, so if you’re impatient perhaps look for alternative solutions.Results also vary. Despite Total Curve being a clinically proven breast enlargement cream this doesn’t mean it will work in an identical way for all women. Some women will get impressive results, for other women it might not work at all.

 does total curve really work

How to get the most out of Total Curve
In order to quickly, safely and effectively get  the results you want you need to follow Total Curves instructions to the letter.

Don’t take the pill or apply the gel if you’re pregnant, nursing, under 18, or are suffering from any chronic ailment and taking prescription drugs that could interfere with Total Curves.

That being said, for maximum results as fast as possible,



o   Take one pill twice daily, one in the morning one early in the evening

o   Externally apply the firming and lifting gel once in the morning and once in the evening. Massage gently a small portion of the gel until fully absorbed.

o   Don’t forget to apply to the breast underside too — always in gentle strokes.

By consistently following this routine for 5-6 months you will be able to experience the sheer joy of having a curvaceous body with perky, full breasts.

Take advantage of discounts and buy your supply in bulk.

The Silver package costs $69.95 and includes the Total Curve supplement and the Lifting and Firming Gel.

The Platinum Package is a three-month supply at the price of $179.95

The popular Diamond Package comes at the price of $299.95 and it’s a six-month supply so that you can have enough Total Curve to achieve your ultimate breasts size and shape.


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